Midona – Amarcord

The name of this refreshing beer came from the local dialect “mì dona”, that means “my girl- my wife- the love of my life”.

credit: Birra Amarcord


Brewery: Birra Amarcord

Location: Apecchio (PU)

Style: Golden/ Blond Ale

Alcohol % vol.: 6,5

° Plato: 16°P

Service temperature: 6-8° C



Notes: Cascade in dry hopping; IBU 27.



  • Foam: white, dense, quite compact, with a very good adhesion to glass and good persistence.
  • Appearance: deep, crystalline golden colour.
  • Effervescence: mid bubbles, mid effervescence.


  • Scent/ olfactory sensation: medium olfactory intensity. You can smell the arboreal perfume of linden and freshly cut grass. Enriched by hints of toasted malt with hints of fresh spices and citrus. Citrus (orange, lime and grapefruit) notes are easily recognizable because Midona is a top-fermented beer made with Cascade hops in dry hopping phase. Over time, vegetal notes of fresh herbs are mostly perceived.


  • Tactile sensation: the palate is pleasantly crisp, medium body.
  • Taste: In the mouth, herbaceous notes become prevalent, enriched by bitter, slightly pungent notes, together with ginger, freshly cut grass and the pleasant aroma of fresh hops.
  • Olfacto-Gustatory sensation/ back aroma: The aftertaste is discreetly persistent, fresh, the final pleasantly dry and smooth.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: balanced: round body, smooth bitterness, the herb perfumes, moderate toasted malted notes. A nice Blonde/ Golden Ale.

FOOD PAIRING: light spiced and spicy dishes (ethnics), fried fish with fatty sauce (mayonnaise)

VEG FOOD PAIRING: risotto with wild herbs/ asparagus/ artichoke, herbs omelette, spiced vegetables, French fries.

NB. no more craft: Italian LAW 2016


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