Black Infusion- CRAK (& Magic Rock Brewing)

A collaboration beer, an extraordinaty experiment: re-inventing the classic Mild Ale… You’re not doing it right.


BEER: Black Infusion

Brewery: Crak in collaboration with Magic Rock Brewing

Location: Padua

Style: Mild

Alcohol % vol.: 4

Service temperature: 8-12° C



Notes: USA hop Azacca, UK hop Pioneer, Fruit Infusion (red orange and red currant)


  • Foambeige color, mid persistence. Beautiful Bruxelles lace
  • Appearance: deep brown color, opaque, amber reflection.
  • Effervescence: medium.



  • Scent/ olfactory sensation: lusciousintense and complex. Dry roasted grain, caramel and sweet biscuit, berry jam, blueberry soft cake, dried orange peel, ripe red fruit, hints of smoke and hops. A kind of cheesecake, very pleasant, inviting.



  • Tactile sensation: slight body, medium/ low carbonation.
  • Taste: tasty sweet, moderate and non-sticky. Gently bitterness and elegant dry sensation.
  • Olfacto- Gustatory sensation/ back aroma: well balanced, exactly as the nose. The dry sensation (roast malt, coffee, hops) equilibrates the sweet taste and the ripe fruit notes. The back aroma persistence is long, dry, a little smoky.


OVERALL IMPRESSION: interesting and different Mild, very drinkable, complex and fumee. I really appreciate this outstanding beer!


VEG FOOD PAIRING: pasta seasoned with smoked Scamorza cheese or other smoked cheese… OMG, I need to pair it with a cheesecake with warm currant sauce…



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