Bianca Lancia- Birra Flea

No, this article does not concern one of the best bass-player ever listened. Here I’m going to tell you something about one of the tasty Blanche beer ever had!

Bianca Lancia- Birra Flea

BEER: Bianca Lancia

Brewery: Birra Flea

Location: Gualdo Tadino (PG)

Style: Blanche

Alcol % vol.:  5

Service temperature: 6-8 ° C


pils lager



Foam: white head, medium compactness; the foam has small bubbles, and it is not very persistent; medium adhesion to the glass surface.
Appearance: opalescent orange/ deep yellow; yellow reflections.
Effervescence: medium effervescence, small bubbles.



Scent/ olfactory sensation: such a intense and inviting perfume! Sweet spices, fruits (banana, pear, yellow apple, a little of tropical fruits, gentle hints of gooseberry) and a crispy crusty bread; beside the rich scent of yeast.



Tactile sensation: well carbonated. Medium body.
Taste: a little acidic, perfectly balanced by the sweet taste.
Olfacto-Gustatory sensation/ back aroma: the intensity  of the back aroma is medium, as the durability; luscious refinement of olfactory. The freshness (acid) is supported by a great malt and yeast, you can feel bread and spicy flavors. In addition, the fruity notes are nearly explosives. After it has been swallowed, a medium- dry, yeasty, refreshing sensation.

Bianca Lancia- Birra Flea

OVERALL IMPRESSION: probably the richest and tasty Blanche ever taste since now!


VEG FOOD PAIRING: veggie risotto, crusty bread seasoned with spring herbs and fresh cheese (ricotta, robiola, Ravaggiolo), fresh salad with orange and fennel. I’m going to drink it with a Margherita sweet cake enriched by a lemony custard.


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