Wallonië- Extraomnes

BEER: Wallonië

Brewery: Extraomnes

Location: Marnate (VA)


Style: Saison/ Farmhouse Ale

Alcol % vol.: 5,7

Service temperature: 5-8 ° C



Foam: stunning white head; small bubbles, the foam is very adhesive to the glass and persistent. At the end a creamy crown.
Appearance: hazy deep yellow/ gold color
Effervescence: faint.


Scent/ olfactory sensation: intense bouquet, attractive hints of spices, bread crust, Williams pear, orange peel, a little of green herbs and flowers.
Intensity of aroma: medium, obviously increasing during the tasting.


Tactile sensation:  High carbonatated, medium  body.
Intensity of aroma: medium
Taste: great and prolonged bitterness beside a fresh sour profile, gently fruity taste.
Olfacto-Gustatory sensation/ back aroma: citrus bitterness, fruit (apple, unripe pear, white grape), yeast and peppery notes.

Persistence of aroma/ end: prolonged dry sensation and elegant bitterness.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: fresh, sharp, intense Italian craft beer, in style Farmhous Ale.


VEG FOOD PAIRING: something sprinkled by lemon juice, such as a mixed fresh vegetable (mesticanza),  vegan chop with fresh grinded black pepper and a rosemary twig.


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