Fuoco- Birra dell’Eremo

A roaring, terrific label: a beautiful draw of a fox. Proper for a roaring, terrific Italian craft beer!


BEER: Fuoco

Brewery: Birra Dell’Eremo

Location: Assisi (PG)

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100%- Birrificio La Mata


On the label you read “100%” and you see a cute drawing of a farm tractor, why? Because this beer is 100% “farm made”! In fact, the brewmaster Marco Tamba (MArco TAmba -> MATA Brewery) in this ale, uses only the hops that grow in its hop fields! Oh, yes, this beer is closely tied to the territory.


BEER: 100%

Brewery: Birrificio La Mata

Location: Solarolo (RA)

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