100%- Birrificio La Mata


On the label you read “100%” and you see a cute drawing of a farm tractor, why? Because this beer is 100% “farm made”! In fact, the brew master Marco Tamba (MArco TAmba -> MATA Brewery) in this ale, uses only the hops that grow in its hop fields! Oh, yes, this beer is closely tied to the territory.


BEER: 100%

Brewery: Birrificio La Mata

Location: Solarolo (RA)

Style: Belgian Ale

Alcol % vol.: 5

Service temperature: 7-8 ° C



Note: brewed with the hops cultivated by the company.


Foam: white foam, tiny bubbles. medium-long lasting persistence and reat adhesion to the glass surface.
Appearance:golden color, yellow-pearly reflections, a little opalescent.
Effervescence: medium effervescence, small bubbles.


Scent/ olfactory sensation: fresh hints of green herbs and cereal. Linden flowers, a little hint of caramel biscuit, toasted bread crust. As it warms up, resin and citrus (lemon and orange) than gentle hints of pineapple.


Tactile sensation: medium carbonated. Medium body.
Taste: well balanced ale; the sweet biscuit taste and the honey flavor are pleasantly followed by a citrusy bitterness.

Olfacto-Gustatory sensation/ back aroma: the intensity of the back aroma is medium / low, the durability is great. At the first sip you can taste a little of tropical fruit, citrus, honey, biscuit. The hoppy side is intense: the hops donate a characteristic cool herbal taste (similar to fresh officinal herbs) and a fruity taste: orange and lemon essence, beside a green hint. Cool dry finish, prolonged aftertaste.


OVERALL IMPRESSION: thirst-quenching, rich in herbaceous  notes, Belgian Ale.

VEG FOOD PAIRING: asparagus risotto, veggie tart (choose the seasonal vegetables), fried salty pumpkin pankakes with chives.


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