Fuoco- Birra dell’Eremo

A roaring, terrific label: a beautiful draw of a fox. Proper for a roaring, terrific Italian craft beer!


BEER: Fuoco

Brewery: Birra Dell’Eremo

Location: Assisi (PG)

Style: Tripel

Alcol % vol.: 8,5

Service temperature: 6-8 ° C




Foam: white head, tiny bubbles. Short persistence, medium adhesion to the glass surface.
Appearance: golden color, yellow-pearly reflections, opalescent. A lot of sediments.
Effervescence: medium effervescence, small bubbles.


Scent/ olfactory sensation: bread crust, lime and orange peel, yeast, brown sugar. As it warms up the phenolic aroma comes out more and more, sweet notes of spices, yellow pulp fruit.


Tactile sensation: a little sparkling, helps to create a fresh sensation in the mouth. Round and full-bodied.
Taste: the first sip is sweet (sweet malt), intense, heating fruity and spicy.

Olfacto-Gustatory sensation/ back aroma: the intensity of the back aroma is intense, the durability is great. At the first sip you can taste a the sweet malt, the alcohol sensation, and the fruit taste (apricot, a little of ripe melon). As it warms up, a pleasant dry sensation beside hay, spices, and honey. The hoppy side is low, as the beer style suggest. Warm dry finish, prolonged aftertaste.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: intense, savage, full-bodied Tripel.


VEG FOOD PAIRING: to try with a aged cheese (I enjoy the sweet taste of this beer with the salty aroma of a piece of Parmigiano Reggiano, and I think you can drink this beer with a semi-cured Pecorino cheese). A savory pasta e fagioli (a creamy soup with bean and homemade egg-pasta, preferably tagliatelle or pappardelle), or a pumpkin & Gorgonzola pie.


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