Strike- Mezzopasso

Inspired by the West Coast Pale Ale, brewed in the middle of Italy: a round and spicy Ale, winner of a silver medal at the European Beer Star 2016, cat. New Style Pale Ale.


BEER: Strike

Brewery: Mezzopasso

Location: Popoli (PE)

Style: American Pale Ale

Alcol % vol.: 5

Service temperature:  6-8° C



NOTE: brewed with rye and hops from the West Coast.


Foam: white head, small bubbles. Long persistence, nice crown, noticeable adhesion to the glass surface. After the drink you can notice the laces.
Appearance: pale golden color, light orange reflections, crystalline.
Effervescence: fine effervescence, small bubbles.


Scent/ olfactory sensation: tropical fruit (pineapple, and mango), citrus (grapefruit and orange, than lemon), gentle barley perfume, fresh spices, a little grassy, crispy note.


Tactile sensation: good and pleasant carbonation, fresh, medium bodied.
Taste: the first sip is citrusy:  intense fruity notes balanced by a thin and fine malty profile. Cool bitterness.

Olfacto-Gustatory sensation/ back aroma: the intensity of the back aroma is good, the durability is noticeable and medium-long. At the first sip you can taste a the fresh citrus, the spicy notes (from the hops generously used), and the fruit taste (pineapple, passion fruit, faint aroma of lime). As it warms up, an intense dry sensation intersected with the fruity bitterness, orange aroma, and a kind of whole grain biscuit.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: fruity- bitter, refreshing, intense and winner 🙂 APA.


VEG FOOD PAIRING: asparagus and boiled eggs salad… absolutely great with crusty bread dressed with robiola and grilled zucchini+ rosmary!


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