Billygoat- The Wall

A vibrant, strong and well made Lager from Italy: come in and meet Billy the goat.

billy goat (2).jpg

BEER: Billygoat

Brewery: The Wall

Location: Venegono Inferiore (Varese)

Style: Doppelbock

Alcohol % vol.: 7,5

Service temperature:  7-10° C




Foam: creamy, ivory colour. Long lasting, great adhesion to the glass surface. In the end, beautiful Bruxelles lace.
Appearance: a little hazy, red/ amber colour with ruby red reflections.


Scent/ olfactory sensation: sweet notes of caramel, sweet biscuit, plum, dried apricot, molasse and dark sugar. Gentle flower hints and spices, vanilla, baked apple, toasted bread, and intense honey. As it warms up, faint smells of herbs.
Intensity of aroma: intense.
Refinement of aroma: very pleasant, fine and sweet.


Tactile sensation: medium-low carbonation. Round and full body.
Intensity of aroma: intense, without affecting the drink.
Taste: the sweetness is intense but does not affect negatively, the dry perception and a fruity bouquet that guarantee great drinking pleasure.
Olfacto-Gustatory sensation/ back aroma: the taste of this rich Italian Craft beer reminds me caramel, brown sugar, ripe stone fruit, malt, a little of dried herbs.
Persistence of aroma/ end: the back aroma is very long. Medium dry end.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: Rich but not sticky, intense but not wearisome: easy- drinking Italian Doppelbock.

VEG FOOD PAIRING: mushroom and polenta,  grilled veg burger, spicy black beans, complex and tasty dishes such as a veggie pie with ripe cheeses, desserts with nuts.


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