Wayan- Birra Baladin

Inspired by the Saison from Walloon (to be precise, from Hainaut province) and brewed in Piozzo… with the well-acclaimed creativity of Baladin brewery.


BEER: Wayan

Brewery: Birra Baladin

Location: Piozzo (Cuneo)

Style: Saison/ Farmhouse

Alcohol % vol.: 5,8

Service temperature:  6-9° C



NOTE: Ibu 8-10, EBC 6-8, Plato 14,8°. Cereals: barley, wheat, spelt, buckwheat. 9 different spices.


Foam: white, short duration.
Appearance: hazy golden with orange reflections.
Effervescence: medium-low.


Scent/ olfactory sensation: white pepper, gentle hints of candy sugar and orange, flowers and a touch of honey, coriander, multi-grain biscuits, hay, tea and yeast.
Intensity of aroma: medium.

Refinement of aroma: elegant and pleasurable.


Tactile sensation: round body, medium carbonation.
Intensity of aroma: medium.
Taste: well balanced, a little tart; the sweetish note is the one that comes out in a more marked way. In the end, a fine and moderate bitterness.
Olfacto- Gustatory sensation/ back aroma: white pepper, thousand flower honey, light toasted bread and a faint aroma of cane sugar, white pulp fruit, spices aroma (maybe some cinnamon?), a touch of citrus.

Persistence of aroma/ end: a warm note of alcohol just before the medium-low bitterness. The finish is dry, and release a spicy (coriander) and fruity aroma.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: different than the “regular” Saison. This Italian Craft Saison is amazing, rich and unusual: if you want to try something different, here you are a great option.


VEG FOOD PAIRING: artichoke risotto with a grind of fresh black/ white pepper, sprouts with few drops of lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil, fresh and light cheeses (cow), mascarpone, endive and crouton.


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