Cuvée de Zrista- Cà del Brado

A tribute to the countryside, that’s why you will find a black bird in all the “Cuvée de…” editions, even because this nice bird loves the cherries and other sugary fruits. Like you, my beer friend!

20180329203450_IMG_0031.JPG .JPG

Ps. Please notice that in the Zrista label, the beak is coloured as the fruit used in the beer (cherry= red).

BEER: Cuvée de Zrisa

Brewery: Cà del Brado

Location: Bologna

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Rock’n Roll- Birrificio Baladin

Thanks a lot, Alessio for this (requested 😀 ) present! Last month at Pitti Taste (Florence) I took a limited edition (usually this beer is bottled) of this Italian American Pale Ale.


BEER: Rock’n Roll

Brewery: Baladin

Location: Piozzo (Cuneo)

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RentOn: a photo- tour in the brewery

Few weeks ago I went with some friends in a tiny brewery not far from where I live. I’ve meet three guys with a passionate devotion for their job. Andrea, Elia and Giannandrea are the soul and the hands of Birrificio RentOn: another remarkable craft beer producer, in the beautiful town of Fano (Ancona, Marche region).


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A 24 Barrel Aged- Birra Amarcord

2018 limited edition. Birra Amarcord releases this Belgian Strong Ale aged for 2 years (24 means months) in French oak barrique, used for the ageing of Sangiovese wine and the 2017 limited edition beer created with Oliver Wasseloh: A Doppelbock. A superb, intense and unforgettable Italian craft beer.


BEER: Amarcord 24 Barrel Aged (Sour Ale)

Brewery: Birra Amarcord

Location: Rimini

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Neipa- Crak

“A hazy IPA characterised by New England yeast and by the different dry hopping technique used that makes it even more explosive, giving it a new mouthfeel, more creamy with an imperceptible bitterness”.

One of the latest, fashionable style interpreted by Crak brewery.


BEER: Neipa

Brewery: CRAK

Location: Campodarsego (Padua)

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