Drink craft beer in Naples

The city of sun and sea. Probably the most characteristic city of Italy. Enter and discover the map of the best restaurant, bar, pub and beer shop who serve craft beers in the unforgettable city of Naples!

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Photo by Montse Monmo on Unsplash


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Arrogant Sour Festival- the sour side of Italy


My first time at Arrogant Sour Festival, the 5th edition. In a marvellous location, a lively participation, an impressive and devoted selection of Gose, Fruit Beer, Barrel aged, Italian Grape Ale… combined with the best local food. If you are going to visit Italy at the end of May/ beginning of June, you must stop in Reggio Emilia.

Enter and enjoy the best Sour beer festival in Italy.

Andrea Camaschella (beer teller, writer and beer judge) and Jean Van Roy (Brasserie Cantillon)

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Abbazia della Tre Fontane- Tripel

First time for the Italian Trappist beer!

Also the first (and only) flavoured Trappist beer. Abbey Tre Fontane is located in Rome and is well famous for its liquor created with eucalyptus. And the eucalyptus is the special ingredient of this great Tripel.


BEER: Tripel

Brewery: Abbazia delle Tre Fontane

Location: Rome

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Drink craft beer in Rome

Rome is the most beautiful city in the world. Imagine the Colosseum, the Vatican Museum and Castel Sant’ Angelo, Vatican City, Capitoline Museums, bucatini all’ Amatriciana, artichoke alla Romana, coda alla vaccinara, puntarelle, trippa alla romana, … And craft beer.

Enter and discover Rome- craftbeer- map!

Photo by Christian Nordmark on Unsplash

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Sicilian Pale Ale- Bruno Ribadi

From Sicily with love… And with citrus peel (lemon and orange), sumac berries (Rhus coriaria) and pink pepper.

This Italian Pale Ale is something really unique: the brewer loves Sicily, its food and its art. That’s why you will find Sicily in every single bottle of Bruno Ribaldi. Enter, and celebrate the most colourful Italian region: here you are a sip of liquid Sicily!


BEER: Sicilian Pale Ale

Brewery: Bruno Ribadi

Location: Cinisi (Palermo)

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