Drink craft beer in Salerno

This beautiful city is a place that you must pin on your map. Crystal clear blue sea, the Archaeological site of the Etruscans and Samnites in Fratte, glorious churches, monuments, traditional food, spectacular sights. And a noticeable amount of pubs and places to enjoy a glass of good craft beer!

Enter and discover the craft side of Salerno!

drink in italy the italian craft beer salerno
Salerno, (credits)

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Blonde Ale- Pagus

I’m tasting the first beer from Pagus Birrificio Agricolo. Agricolo means rural… Yes: it means that they farm their land (10 hectares) where grow barley and hops. Enter and discover a genuine Italian Blonde Ale.


BEER: Blonde Ale

Brewery: Pagus

Location: Rogno (Bergamo)

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Crazy Blonde Peach- Draco’s Cave

Draco’s Cave is not a brewery. It goes further. Marco Giannasso (the blend-master, or beer- affineur, a kind of mad scientist…) takes some of the best beers in circulation and creates unique, limited edition Italian craft beers.


BEER: Crazy Blonde Peach (2° Edition)

Brewery: Draco’s Cave

Location: Santa Margherita (Monza- Brianza)

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