Daughter of Autumn- Retorto

November is almost over. The air smells of petrichor, fog and roasted chestnuts. Time to open a bottle of Italian Scotch Ale.

credit: Cantina della Birra #incantinaconmonica

BEER: Daughter of Autumn

Brewery: Retorto

Location: Podenzano (Piacenza)

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Red Globe- Stradaregina

Red Globe is a truly special beer: matured in French oak barrels, made from the blend of three different vintages of lambic- style Italian beers (2014, 2016, 2017) and three different Italian grapes… enter and discover more!

BEER: Red Globe

Brewery: Stradaregina

Location: Vigevano (Pavia)

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Peacemaker- Buskers Beer

This Italian craft Scotch Ale is fire! Enter and read about its flaming taste designed by Buskers Beer in collaboration with La Casa di Cura brewery. 


BEER: Peacemaker

Brewery: Buskers Beer (beer firm) @ La Casa di Cura

Location:  Crognaleto (Teramo)

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European Beer Star 2018: the winning Italian craft beers

More than 2300 beers from all over the world. 19 medals for Italian beers. Enter and discover the Italian craft beers winners of the coveted prizes of the most important beer contest in Europe.

The prize-winning beers are presented to the trade public and journalists at the “Winners’ Night”, during BrauBeviale 2018 in Nuremberg.

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IPA- Zago

Back to my family in Veneto region, I have tasted an Italian India Pale Ale brewed by a Friuli Venezia Giulia agricultural brewery that owns a hop and barley cultivations not far from the brewery is.

… But remember: there’s more India in my nephew’s tiger in the background than in the IPAs.



Brewery: Birrificio Zago

Location: Chions (Pordenone)

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