Ursus- Birra Magester

Time to explore a new Italian brewery: Birra Magester. So let’s start with their Red Ale Ursus, a pint of hoppyness and flavour.

BEER: Ursus

Brewery: Birra Magester

Location: Ferentillo (Terni)

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Raspberry Season 2nd Edition- Draco’s Cave

Another special Italian Craft Beer, created with red fruits and patiently aged in oak barrels. Enter and read more about Raspberry Season (second edition).

BEER: Raspberry Season 2nd Edition

Brewery: Draco’s Cave

Location: Santa Margherita di Lissone (MB)

Note: oak barrels; bottled in 2017.

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Drink Craft Beer in Verona

Are you looking for drinking craft beers in Verona? You are in the right place: this map is made for you! Oh, Verona. Romanticism and art, history and music. And craft beer, obviously! Enter and explore the map of the best place who serve good craft beers in Verona!

drink in italy the italian craft beer.png

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Giant Guerrilla- CRAK

“Experimental batch, Guerrilla and Giant Step joined forces in a DDH DIPA (8.5% vol.) exceptionally hoppy, fragrant and creamy without any rough edge.” So, drink with me this amazing Italian Double IPA.

BEER: Giant Guerrilla

Brewery: Crak

Location: Campodarsego (Padua)

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Selva- Birra dell’ Eremo

Fine, elegant, savage Italian Grape Ale brewed by Birra dell’Eremo with fresh must of Sauvignon Blanc grapes (30%). Hybrid fermentation, unique Italian taste. Read more about this great IGA.

BEER: Selva

Brewery: Birra dell’Eremo

Location: Assisi

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Beer Calendar- craft beer events in Italy: March

Ah! Spring is almost here, with a lot of stupendous craft beer event all over Italy! In March takes place also the Italy Beer Week, the cherished week for the Italian craft beer lovers! Check it!


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BeerAttraction 2019 best Italian breweries and beers: all the gold medal winners

This year more than 32K visitors (+40% 2018), 600 breweries, distributors, raw materials and tec suppliers… This confirms that Beer Attraction is one of the most popular Italian beer and craft beer fair.

The Italian brewers can enrol their best craft beers in Birra dell’Anno pageant (Beer of the Year) that will be judged by Unionbirrai beer tasters during the exhibition, and only the best will be rewarded with medals (first, second, third place and, if necessary, a mention of honour). During the event takes place another important ceremony: “Brewery of the Year” that awards the best Italian craft brewery. Enter and discover all the winners!

Credit: Unionbirrai

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Grateful Deaf!- Birrificio Lambrate

Spice up your life with an Italian Black Chili Rye IPA. Read about this collaboration beer bt Birrificio Lambrate!


BEER: Grateful Deaf!

Brewery: Birrificio Lambrate in collaboration with Ken Fisher (Portland)

Location: Milano

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