Italian Grape Ale recipe- brew the Italian craft beer style

Do you want to brew an Italian Grape Ale? Are you looking for IGA beer recipe? GOOD! You are in the right place: enter now and find out the Italian Grape Ale beer recipe!


Well, I noticed your interest about IGA: it is definitely one of the most interesting beer styles in this blog, so I honestly want to help you, homebrewers and beer geek, to make your Italian Grape Ale. But I am not a brewer, neither a homebrewer…  Thus, what can I do? I want to suggest you FERMENTO BIRRA original recipe, that I submit and repost!

There are a lot of different recipes to brew this beer style, and I want to recommend you to check this FERMENTO BIRRA article: here Angelo Ruggiero writes down the recipe of an Italian Grape Ale made with Montepulciano d’Abruzzo must, for a tasty (caramel and mild toast aroma), fruity (red fruits) and delightful homemade IGA!

It is in Italian, so here below the English #humble translation of the recipe for making 23 litres of Italian Grape Ale. PLEASE NOTE: that you need fresh wine must, it means that you should brew this beer when this characteristic and super-natural ingredient is available, provided by a cellar or a vigneron.


IGA product specifications:

OG 1086, FG 1017, IBU: 22 , ABV 9.2%.


Barley malts and cereals:

  • Belgian Pale: 6.00 KG 79%
  • Crystal 100 0.60 KG 8%
  • Biscuit 0.60 KG 8%
  • Wheat malt 0,20 KG 3%
  • Carfa I 0.15 KG 2%

* OG grist malts 1082: (1082 x 20L beer must) / (1086 x 23L) = 83% sugar

Fresh wine must ( possibly fresh harvested): 3.0 litres; OG 1115
* OG grape must 1115: (1115 x 3L grape must) / (1086 x 23L) = 17% sugar


  • Chinook 11.0 AA 10G 60 ’15IBU
  • East Kent Golding 5.0 AA 25G 60 ’18IBU
  • Chinook 11.0 AA 10G 5 ‘4IBU

Yeast: Abbaye



The grape must previously be cooked for about 3 hours, until the 40% reduction in volume. Bottle it immediately. You can use it after 2 months of maturation.

  1. I mash in at 52 ° C for 10 minutes.
  2. II mash at 66 ° for 50 minutes.
  3. III mash at 72 ° C for 10 minutes, mash out at 78 ° C.
  4. At 5 ‘from the end of boiling add the cooked grape must.

Well, now proceed as usual, and do not forget to be creative!


You don’t know anything about the Italian Grape Ales? No problem man! CLICK HERE, in this article I reveal something about that.


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