Mango Split- Ritual Lab

And I think about summer and Wham and their Club Tropicana (… troPECTIN… Ok sorry for the pun :). Read more about Ritual Lab’s mango IPA brewed in collaboration with Eastside Brewing Company.

BEER: Mango Split

Brewery: Ritual Lab

Location: Formello (Rome)

Style: Double IPA+ fruit (mango)/ (it has some lactose: I think it can be considered a Milkshake IPA too)

Alcohol % vol.: 8

Service temperature: 6-8° C




Foam: ivory color, small bubbles; very persistent and adhesive to the glass surface. Beautiful laces sip after sip.
Appearance: hazy amber/ orange.


Scent/ olfactory sensation: ripe yellow peach, ripe pineapple and sweet biscuit, mango, resin, a touch of dank, papaya.

Intensity of aroma: medium.

Refinement of aroma: pleasant.

Tactile sensation: creamy mouthfeel, medium-bodied, round, alcohol well hidden. Soft carbonation.
Intensity of aroma: medium.
Taste: mild and velvety bitterness, mild biscuit (it reminds me of a special honey-biscuit) sweetness.
Olfacto- Gustatory sensation/ back aroma: peach, peach in syrup, ripe pineapple and sweet biscuit, mango, resin, mildly hoppy, candied orange peel.

Persistence of aroma/ end: medium/ prolonged aftertaste, quite drying finish, green grass and mango in the end.
OVERALL IMPRESSION: smooth, yellow stone fruits aroma, dangerously easy to drink.
VEG FOOD PAIRING: fried zucchini, veggie (potatoes, red beans, pepper) ball, fresh/ delicate cheeses served with marmalade.

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