The Redeemer – Luppoleto Camuno

Luppoleto Camuno is not only a brewery, but it is also a hop farm born in 2015 in Camonica Valley: it is one of the first Italian hop company. Luppoleto Camuno uses their hops in beers, cosmetics and food. You have to know that there is a cosmetics line (HOPPY LIFE) and a infusions line (HOPPY TEA). Special hoppy-products where hop gave its natural, intrinsic healthy powers to you in a different way than the classic pint. But this is a humble beer blog, so let me talk you about The Redeemer: a golden and paradisiac Italian Ale.

BEER: The Redeemer

Brewery: Luppoleto Camuno

Location: Bienno (Brescia)

Style: Golden Ale

Alcohol % vol.: 5

Service temperature: 6-8°C

Glass: pint or tulip.


Foam: white, small bubbles; medium retention.
Appearance: golden colour, a little hazy. Deep golden reflections.
Effervescence: low.


Scent/ olfactory sensation: hay, bread crust and mild cereals hints; a touch of honey, eucalyptus, green grass.
Intensity of aroma: delicate.

Refinement of aroma: fine.


Tactile sensation: medium carbonation, thin body.
Intensity of aroma: mild.
Taste: moderate grassy bitterness, low malty sweetness.
Olfacto- Gustatory sensation/ back aroma: bread crust and green grass from the first to the last sip. Fresh cut grass/ green grass followed by a sweet and balsamic aroma (reminds me eucalyptus honey), hay and dried herbs.

Persistence of aroma/ end: short.
OVERALL IMPRESSION: crisp, thirst-quenching and balanced Italian Golden Ale.

VEG FOOD PAIRING: mildly flavoured dishes (fresh cheeses pie with veggies), ripe cheese, spring herbs main dishes, classic Italian bruschetta with a sprinkle of fresh chilli or fresh ground black pepper; dishes with asparagus or a touch of orange (ok jam). I loved this beer with fresh Asiago and honey.


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