Beer Calendar – craft beer festival in Italy: October

Autumn! Welcome back! A soft blanket, a fluffy cat on your knees, a hot cup of tea: the best autumn evenings. No! Autumn is the best season to go out with your best friends! This October enjoy the fresh weather and the coolest beer festival around Italy! Click and take a look at the beer-events in October! (Continuously updated).


3-6 October: BeeRiver, Piazza Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi; Pisa.

4-6 October: EurHop! Roma Beer Festival 2019, Salone delle Fontane, Rome. Yes, probably my favourite Italian beer festival, as I’ve told to Beerselfie. Read here something about last EurHop 2018!

4-6 October: Chiare Scure Festival 2019; Mare Culturale Urbano, Milan.

10-13 October: Lombardia Beer Festival, Piazza città di Lombardia,  Milan.

11-13 October: Nonsolobirra Festival; Marano Vicentino, Vicenza.

13 October: Craft Beer & Street Art : The Wall #inbiblioteca, Biblioteca Civica di Varese, Varese

18-20 October:  Genova Beer Festival; Villa Durazzo Brombini Cornigliano, Genoa.


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