Beer Calendar- craft beer events in Italy: June 2021

Finally ready for some summer beer events! Enter and discover the best craft beer festivals and events around Italy in June 2021. Continuously updated.

1-5 June: 4 Compleanno Birra Mundi. Romano di Lombardia. Happy 4th Birthday!

2 June: Birra Pic Nic Music Birra Maiella Beer Garden. Località Cerrani, Pretoro. Live music, craft beers, pizza and PLASTIC BAN (awesome choice guys!).

3 June: Life is bitter, Bitter is better, Happy birthday Taverna del Luppolo, Torri di Quartesolo, Vicenza. “Another year has passed (And what a year) and so we have reached 22 years together with all of you. Among the friends of the counter, rivers of hops and lots of laughter it seems it was only yesterday that the doors of the tavern opened for the first time! In recent years there have been so many changes, however, the happiness of still being here with you to celebrate is always the same”. Happy Birthday Taverna del Luppolo!

5 June: Liquida’s Birthday. Inside Liquida Birrificio Indipendente, Ostellato. Happy 1st Birthday guys!!

12 June: Birra & Bici sui Colli Euganei. Montegrotto Terme, Padua. Meeting at 4.00 pm at the BIKE POINT inside the Radisson blu hotel in via delle Terme 84 in Galzignano Terme (free parking), delivery of the bikes and departure for the tour with the guide. A ring circuit that touches the following stages: Monumental Garden of Valsanzibio, the town of Galzignano and up towards Torreglia. Route full of naturalistic landscapes, immersed in the Euganean Hills. Arrival at the brewery and with the brewer visit of the craft production and beer tasting.

12-13 June: #15 Pils Pride 2021. Il Birri, Lungarno Marinone, Como. Celebrating the beer that gives birth to the Italian Pilsner beer style. This year Pils Pride will take place seated and served at the table, rather than in the classic “standing room” mode. The entrance, which you can book and buy at the link below, costs 12 € and includes three 0.2L Pils of your choice. Moreover, above all, the pre-order guarantees access to one of the three time slots provided each day: lunch (from 12 to 16), aperitif (from 16.10 to 19.30), or dinner (19.40-23). The total seats planned are 65 outside the venue and 30 inside it for each time slot. There will be 10% “last minute” admissions for non-booked people, who will be able to join a waiting list at the entrance, order take-away beers to be consumed outside the venue, and finally sit down if there are free tables, or if any of the booked ones are unable to participate.

12-13 June: Reboot Days. Inside Birrificio Italiano brewery, Lungarno Marinone, Como. “After 25 years we get a makeover! At the same time as the Pils Pride of Lurago Marinone, we are pleased to invite you to another great event, which will be held at the Officina Alchemica in Limido Comasco. On June 12th and 13th we are waiting for you at the brewery to present the new image of Birrificio Italiano! You will be able to discover the new visual identity of our brand and our labels by roaming freely in the production environments, and you will be able to taste all our beers, offered in the bar, at the end of the tour. The visits will start every hour, starting at 11 and until 19, both on Saturdays and Sundays. Reservations are required, via email to, communicating the number of people and the time slot for which you wish to book. The cost of the experience is € 20 per person. We change in appearance, but not in substance: if you are curious to see how, we are waiting for you at the REBOOT DAYS Birrificio Italiano!

23 June: Giornata Nazionale della Birra Artigianale/ National Craft Beer Day. Time to celebrate the 25 Anniversary of the Italian Craft Beer movement, with the first National (Italy) Craft Beer Day which will be celebrated every year on this date. Below the Unionbirrai Press release:

Milan, 2 June 2021) – The first National Craft Beer Day will be celebrated on 23 June. Launched on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Italian craft brewing movement, the initiative of Unionbirrai, an association of small independent Italian breweries, aims to remind everyone, even those who are approaching this world for the first time, how far it has come (and is now making) beer in Italy.

The decision to establish the first day dedicated to craft beer in 2021 is dictated precisely by the achievement of the quarter century since the birth of the movement that started a real revolution in the culture and consumption of beer in the Country, up to even reaching to the establishment of the legal denomination of craft beer in 2016. From the beginning to today, in fact, changes in terms of company size, production capacity of craft breweries, constantly growing quality of craft beers produced and increasing presence in both the national market and abroad, tell of an extremely dynamic and innovative world. The Italian panorama of independent craft beer producers has changed today compared to the early years, spreading, from North to South, throughout the national territory. In 2020 in Italy the presence of almost 1000 craft breweries was detected, of which 40% associated with Unionbirrai, a trade association of independent beer producers that since its first steps, protects and promotes this world and the craft beer culture.

The decision to celebrate Italian Craft Beer on an early summer day stems from the desire to allow brewers, publicans and enthusiasts to organize events dedicated to the beloved drink both indoors and outdoors, in this period still marked by restrictions, so that the National Craft Beer Day is an opportunity to leave behind the difficulties of the last year of the pandemic and once again remain united with the aim of promoting beer. All the details and planned initiatives will be announced in the coming days through the official Unionbirrai channels.


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