W22 Wet Hop Willamette – Birra Montebaldo

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s Wet Hop Time! Drink this Wet Hop Willamette brewed with Italian Hops Company hops!

BEER: W22 Wet Hop Willamette

Brewery: Birrificio Montebaldo

Location: Verona

Style: Wet Hop

Alcohol % vol.: 4,5

Service temperature:  6-8° C


Foam: white, fine, abundant and lasting. Pretty good adhesion to the glass.
Appearance: bright deep gold colour; crystalline.
Effervescence: fine mild.


Scent/ olfactory sensation: earthy and spicy, complex and rich bouquet. Green grass, vegetal and a little of vegetables (it’s pretty common in this style I mean). As it warms up a soft malty (caramel even if the colour is definitely more pale than amber), hay and gracious flower hints.
Intensity of aroma: medium, complex.

Refinement of aroma: pleasant and balanced.


Tactile sensation: medium- thin body, good effervescence.
Intensity of aroma: medium.
Taste: bitterness and malty sweetness are pretty equilibrated; the bitterness is obviously a little more exuberant than its counterpart. Herbaceous spiciness and green aromas.
Olfacto- Gustatory sensation/ back aroma:

Persistence of aroma/ end: medium persistence, hoppy and herbaceous finish.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: rich and easy to enjoy. The perfect pint! If you like the fresh, herbal spiciness, floral, wet hop aroma: this brewery brewed your beer!

VEG FOOD PAIRING: mild and intense spicy dishes (I love the slap that this Italian craft beer gives me while eating classic borlotti beans plus red onions, tomatoes sauce and dried chili peppers), sweetish veggies (ie. potatoes) and backed/ grilled veggies served with fat and creamy sauces.

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