The blog is about italian craft beer and italian craft breweries. The blog is designed for not italian people looking for info about italian craft beer.

So if you’re abroad and you want to know italian craft market, players, brands, topics, issues, news, how the market is moving.. if you’re looking for some info about how italian do it bitter, who is doing it bitter, in which way and why..if you maybe are looking for some italian craft beer for your company.. my man, you’re in the right place.

Here, we try to answer your questions:

  • who are the italian craft breweries?
  • who the men behind the brands?
  • how is italian craft beer?
  • how is moving the market? which news?
  • why should be interesting to import italian craft?
  • there is some review on beers?
  • how do you brew in Italy?
  • there is some brewery exporting? where?
  • where can i get italian craft in my country?
  • how can I get in touch with breweries?
  • how can I import italian craft?
  • where are the breweries?
  • Malt, yeast, hops, water and..?
  • and many other amazing stuff about beer..

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