Are you a merchant?

Maybe you’re a beer importer in Sweden, a wine importer in USA or an italian food importer in Spain.

Maybe you have a pub in Bogotà, a  restaurant in Moscow, a typical italian restaurant in London.

No matter which is your activity.

If you are on this page is because you think italian craft beer could be interesting for your business and you’re looking for info:

Is italian craft beer really interesting? could italian craft beer increase my business? Is it something required by the market? Who are the italian craft breweries? which is the average price? where can I get the beer? Is this beer yet sold in my country? Which brewery can really fit to my offer?

We know very well all these questions because we try to answer them every day.

Selling craft beer all over the world is not easy. And the first problem is about knowledge of craft beer itself, to catch info about market, prices, beers, players, volumes, moq, logistic…

..Keep calm and drink a beer.

Now you’re ready to start reading this blog.

If you have any specific question or comment, if you’re looking for a craft brewery or beer here in Italy, if you need some advice, if you think we are awesome and you’re single, you can write an email to Monica & Andrea to the following address:

Please be patient with us and don’t get angry if it takes some time to answer you. This blog is not our job and we update contents and emails in our time out of job. When not drinking a beer.