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Hello, my name is Monica Di Loxley, and I am a humble craft beer drinker.


This is my humble beer blog, where I try to tell you something about Italian Craft Beer, in my broken English.

I was born in Veneto countryside, in a house where love, wine and food are sacred.

I studied at Maffioli School for tourism and catering, later at the University of Padua where I have been graduated with honours in Science and Culture of Gastronomy and Catering. I’m a graduate Biersommelier at DOEMENS Akademie (Munich), I am passionate about photography, marketing and communications. I am studying to become a “Certified Member of the Institute of Masters of Beer” (DOEMENS e.V.).

I have discovered and fortified my passion for beer during my studies and my nights out. That helped me a lot because, after a period in the wine world, I moved from Montalcino’s hills (Tuscany) to the sunny Riviera Romagnola to start my adventure in the beer business… And here I am! I’m happily working for a beer distributor, beer e-commerce, and an Italian brewery.

Empathetic. Animal lover (hedgehog addicted). Veg cooker. Rock music passionate. Book eater. Callanetics practitioner. Instagram humble beer drinker.

The blog is about Italian craft beers and Italian craft breweries.

This blog is designed for non-Italian people looking for information about Italian craft beers.

And above all, in this blog, you will find the #humbletastings of excellent Italian Craft Beers.

A clarification: I don’t give a judgment. I just try to tell you what I smell and what I taste. A kind of honest, humble Italian Craft Beer tasting.

So, if you’re abroad and you want to know Italian craft market, players, brands, topics, issues, .. If you maybe are looking for some Italian craft beers for your company… My man, you’re in the right place.

Here, I try to answer your questions:

  • Who the men behind the brands?
  • Where I can drink craft beers in Italy?
  • How is moving the Italian beer market?
  • How can I get Italian craft in my country?
  • How can I get in touch with breweries?
  • Where can I drink craft beers in Italy?
  • Malt, yeast, hops, water and…?
  • And much more about Italian beer!

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Nevertheless, if you have any specific question or if you need some advice, you can write to me an email: