Allemanda – Bachgroung

Allemanda takes its name from a German ballet. This beer is elegant and cheerful exactly as this traditional folk dance. Read the beer tasting!

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Corrente – Bachground

Corrente is a toasty and citrusy Italian Red IPA/ APA by a tiny, Italian microbrewery owned my two brilliant brewers and musicians. Taste with me Corrente!

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Do they like New Zealand hops? – CRAK

Here I am with the first beer of the trilogy inspired by the well famous board game GUESS WHO? The first beer is a DDH IPA made in collaboration with two breweries, come in Italy for the Woodscrak2019. Discover more about Do they like New Zealand hops?

BEER: Do they like New Zealand Hops?

Brewery: Crak brewery + Civil Society Brewing (FL) + Collective Arts Brewing (ON)

Location: Campodarsego (Padua)

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Elisa – Birra Hoppy-Hobby

Gose is so good in summertime: their salty taste, their thin body, their vibrant effervescence. Maybe the brewer has decided to name “Elisa” this Italian Gose thinking about a girl whit those characteristics?!

BEER: Elisa

Brewery: Birra Hoppy Hobby/ Beer Farm

Location: Legnano (Milan)

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Danke! – Birra Hoppy-Hobby/ Beer Farm

Giancarlo and his girlfriend. A tiny beer lab in the North-West of Milan. a great amount of passion. Those are the main ingredients used in this Italian microbrewery: Beer Farm. And here you are Danke!: an Italian hand made Weisse beer, read more!

BEER: Danke!

Brewery: Birra Hoppy Hobby

Location: Legnano (Milan)

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Water Mill – Luppoleto Camuno

Here we are with an Italian Wheat Ale: Water Mill. Italian beer brewed by Luppoleto Camuno, the label designed by Alberto Dalla Valle. Drink with me this easygoing beer, and read more about Luppoleto Camuno brewery and hops farm.

BEER: Water Mill

Brewery: Luppoleto Camuno

Location: Bienno (Brescia)

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The Redeemer – Luppoleto Camuno

Luppoleto Camuno is not only a brewery, but it is also a hop farm born in 2015 in Camonica Valley: it is one of the first Italian hop company. Luppoleto Camuno uses their hops in beers, cosmetics and food. You have to know that there is a cosmetics line (HOPPY LIFE) and a infusions line (HOPPY TEA). Special hoppy-products where hop gave its natural, intrinsic healthy powers to you in a different way than the classic pint. But this is a humble beer blog, so let me talk you about The Redeemer: a golden and paradisiac Italian Ale.

BEER: The Redeemer

Brewery: Luppoleto Camuno

Location: Bienno (Brescia)

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Plain of the Po – CRAK

This is the Adriatic Sea. This is where I live: by this the Sea where Po river flows.
Plain on the Po is a DDHIPA. The name, the colours and the graphics used… Everything on this beer can is pretty evocative of Po Plain: a foggy place in Italy, a hazy Italian craft beer.BEER: Plain of the PoBrewery: CRAK

Location: Campodarsego (Padua)

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