Sicilian Pale Ale- Bruno Ribadi

From Sicily with love… And with citrus peel (lemon and orange), sumac berries (Rhus coriaria) and pink pepper.

This Italian Pale Ale is something really unique: the brewer loves Sicily, its food and its art. That’s why you will find Sicily in every single bottle of Bruno Ribaldi. Enter, and celebrate the most colourful Italian region: here you are a sip of liquid Sicily!


BEER: Sicilian Pale Ale

Brewery: Bruno Ribadi

Location: Cinisi (Palermo)

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Magnifica- Birra dell’Eremo

Magnifica means marvellous, as its deep copper color, and its magnificent rampant horse on the label, drawn by an Italian comics artist (Alessandro Bacchetta).


BEER: Magnifica

Brewery: Birra dell’Eremo

Location: Assisi (Perugia)

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Polpa- La Mata

Ready for the tropical summer? Here we are with another Italian Juicy IPA: Polpa! The cute animal that you see on the label is a female octopus. In Italian octopus is “polpo, or polipo“; the female version is “polpa“, that means also the  edible, soft part of a fruit!


BEER: Polpa

Brewery: La Mata

Location: Solarolo (Ravenna)

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Robb de Màtt- Birrificio Lambrate

I am so glad to present you a Rye IPA brewed by one of the most renowned Italian micro brewery! Welcome to my modest WordPress space, Birrificio Lambrate!

Robb de Matt (translated), CRAZY STUFF: what a prefect name for an unforgettable Italian Craft Beer!


BEER: Robb de Màtt

Brewery: Birrificio Lambrate


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Guerrilla- Crak

“Its weapons are malt and an invasion of American hops, Simcoe and Mosaic, and Australian hop Galaxy that give a strong tropical character, mango, pineapple and grapefruit.

The malt bill use and the american yeast makes this beer really dry and a pleasant persistent bitterness”.


A rich Italian craft American Pale Ale (or if you prefere India Pale Ale characterized by American  and Australian hops) brewed not far from the house where I was born in the Veneto countryside.

BEER: Guerrilla

Brewery: CRAK

Location: Campodarsego (Padua)

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