DNA – Orso Verde

Thank you, Andrea! C’mon my beer friends, drink with me this Italian craft beer! DNA is a hoppy, tasty India Pale Ale (Bitter Ale) brewed By Orso Verde brewery with Pale malt and Galaxy hop. A strong and intense Single Hop Italian beer.


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10 & Lode – Opperbacco

You just need to take a deep breath, and to submerge yourself in this smooth and boozy Italian beer inspired by Belgian Trappist dark beers.

BEER: 10 & Lode

Brewery: Opperbacco

Location: Notaresco (Teramo)

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5 Italian gluten-free beers that you must try (even if you are not celiac)

Gluten sensitivity and Celiac disease are problematic if you love beers. But dont’ worry: Italian brewers produce excellent gluten-free beers. Discover five Italian craft gluten-free beers that you can enjoy if you suffer from celiac disease.

Credit: Monica di Loxley

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Marsellus W. – Retorto

Marsellus W. takes its name from the controversial character of a well famous movie, it is the upgraded version of Vincent Vega Tripel. The ageing in rum barrels provides complex and deep flavours. 

BEER: Vincent Vega

Brewery: Retorto

Location: Podenzano (Piacenza)

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Smoked After Sauna – CRAK

“Too long in the sauna?” You probably will look like this blubbery man: a kind of flushed (…as the barley malt typically used for Rauch beers), and probably thirsty. But don’t worry my friend, here’s the solution! A tasty and easygoing Smoked Helles by CRAK brewery! Read here about its taste!

Smoked After Sauna is the smoked cousin of After Sauna.

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Natural Sour – Ecelinum Cantina Brassicola

Here I am with a stupendous gift by Fabio (Cantina Brassicola Digitale): Natural Sour. This sour beer is a blend of one+two+three years old wild ales, fermented (yeast and bacteria) in oak barrels of different sizes. Read more about this special beer brewed by Ecelinum Cantina Brassicola, Italian micro beer cellar located in a small village in the North East of Italy.

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