Vinitaly: the perfect place to drink a good glass of Italian beer.

Vinitaly is the most ancient and the most important wine exhibition in Italy . But you probably don’t know that exist an area dedicated to the Italian craft beers (and beers), that year after year is enlarging, and attraching an increasing number of passionate and gourmand.


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Amarcord 24 Barrel Aged- Birra Amarcord

2018 limited edition. Birra Amarcord release this Belgian Strong Ale aged for 2 years (24 means months) in French oak barrique, used fot the ageing of Sangiovese wine and the 2017 limited edition beer created with Oliver Wasseloh: A Doppelbock. A superb, intense and unforgettable Italian craft beer.


BEER: Amarcord 24 Barrel Aged (Sour Ale)

Brewery: Birra Amarcord

Location: Rimini

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