Birra del Borgo is now part of AB-Inbev

It happened.

A big industrial group just bought one of the most popular Italian craft breweries.




The news of the past week is that the historical italian brewery Birra del Borgo is now property 100% of AB-Inbev, Continue reading “Birra del Borgo is now part of AB-Inbev”

Reale – Birra del Borgo

The first beer made by this renowned brewery. The name is letter trick: Reale in Italian means “royal”. Besides, using the capital letter “A”, you divide the word in two “Re” and “Ale”. Ale =…yeah: ale ; while “Re” is the diminutive of “Rethinking”: the current of thought that drives Birra del Borgo brewery.



Brewery: Birra del Borgo

Location: Borgorose (RI)

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