10 Italian brewers that you must follow on Instagram

If you want to stalk someone, stalk someone interesting. Enter and discover 10 of the best Italian Craft Brewers on Instagram that you should follow.

(Sorry for this US-WEEKLY-inspired article… I hope it doesn’t become the most popular humble-article of 2019)

credit: Kat Maryschuk

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Mango & Vanilla Milkshake IPA- Lambrate

The time is ripe for the Italian Milkshake IPA! I choose to taste one of the first milkshake IPA brewed in Italy: Mango & Vanilla Milkshake IPA by Lambrate brewery. Guess who falls in love with this beer style?

BEER: Mango & Vanilla Milkshake IPA

Brewery: Lambrate

Location: Milan

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Grateful Deaf!- Birrificio Lambrate

Spice up your life with an Italian Black Chili Rye IPA. Read about this collaboration beer bt Birrificio Lambrate!


BEER: Grateful Deaf!

Brewery: Birrificio Lambrate in collaboration with Ken Fisher (Portland)

Location: Milano

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Gaina- Birrificio Lambrate

When you are boozy, you walk in a particular way, not so classy, neither with strong confidence. There’s a local figure of speech, that define this walk, “like a chicken”. And the IT translation for chicken is Gallina, Gaina in dialect.

BEER: Gaina

Brewery: Birrificio Lambrate

Location: Milan

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10 of the best Italian Christmas craft beers

All I want for Christmas is you, delicious Italian Craft Beer! Read about ten outstanding Italian Christmas beer, for a very Hoppy Christmas!

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European Beer Star 2018: the winning Italian craft beers

More than 2300 beers from all over the world. 19 medals for Italian beers. Enter and discover the Italian craft beers winners of the coveted prizes of the most important beer contest in Europe.

The prize-winning beers are presented to the trade public and journalists at the “Winners’ Night”, during BrauBeviale 2018 in Nuremberg.

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The Magic Tram- Lambrate

This Italian New England IPA (NEIPA) takes its nostalgic name from the city tram number 23. A vintage name, for a super modern  Italian craft beer made in collaboration with Beavertown brewery… That’s why that label looks so familiar to you.


BEER: The Magic Tram

Brewery: Lambrate

Location: Milano

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Imperial Ghisa- Birrificio Lambrate

A rude man on the label. His fists announced that this Italian craft beer will hit you.

Ghisa is a colourful expression used at the beginning of the 19th century by the locals of Milan, to identify the policemen. They wore a peculiar hat, that looks like a steel tube (ghisa: En. cast iron).


BEER: Imperial Ghisa

Brewery: Lambrate

Location: Milan

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