Italian breweries map- all the craft breweries in Italy in a map

Are you planning an Italian craft- beer tour? Do you want to visit all the Italian breweries? Do you want to meet the Italian brewers and to drink Italian craft beers? Are you a craft beer lover, now travelling across Italy,  keen to visit a brewery near you?

So, you are in the right place. Enter and see the (quite A bocca aperta)  complete map of the Italian craft breweries!



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Drink craft beer in Bologna

Call it rightly: B O L O G N A.

And BOLOGNESE. BO- LO- GNE’- SE. Not Bolog-naise, or Bolgese or Bollongese. Please.

Bologna deserves respect and love, not only for the beloved ragù (RAGU’, ragout is French) but also for the multitude of nice bars that offer craft beers! Enter and discover the craft beer- side of Bologna.

drink in italy the italian craft beer.jpg
credit: Unsplash

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