Natural Sour – Ecelinum Cantina Brassicola

Here I am with a stupendous gift by Fabio (Cantina Brassicola Digitale): Natural Sour. This sour beer is a blend of one+two+three years old wild ales, fermented (yeast and bacteria) in oak barrels of different sizes. Read more about this special beer brewed by Ecelinum Cantina Brassicola, Italian micro beer cellar located in a small village in the North East of Italy.

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10 of the best Italian Christmas craft beers

All I want for Christmas is you, delicious Italian Craft Beer! Read about ten outstanding Italian Christmas beer, for a very Hoppy Christmas!

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5 great Italian Sour Beers at EurHop! 2018- Roma Beer Festival

When in Rome, do what Romans do. And you probably don’t know that Romans are the geekiest Italian craft beer drinkers!


Click and read about 5 delightful Italian Sour beers, and see the gallery of the event.

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Û Baccabianca- Cà del Brado

The first Italian Grape Ale in the Italian Craft Beer blog. Û (U-uva, the vocal Û means grape in the local dialect) Baccabianca is one of the two IGA of Cà del Brado. This special Italian beer is more than special, it is a roller coaster: acidity, fruity freshness and sharp bitterness.


BEER: Û Baccabianca

Brewery: Cà del Brado

Location: Bologna

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Piè Veloce Lambicus- Cà del Brado

Achilles Vs a fierce sloth: who will win? This marvellous and balanced Italian Sour beer talks about time and smells of wood and fruits. Fermented with Brettanomyces lambicus and aged for two months in wood (3000 litres, previously used for wine).


BEER: Piè Veloce Lambicus

Brewery: Cà del Brado

Location: (Bologna)

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