What is IGA beer? (spoiler: Italian Grape Ale)

Are you looking for info about this extraordinary beer style? You are in the right place! Here details, BJCP definition, recipe and more about Italian Grape Ale.

Talking about Italian Craft Beer means that we must talk about something that will make you melt. Something that connects the traditional Italian beverage with the one that this blog talks about: the Italian Grape Ale. Is there anything more interesting for the people involved in the Italian beverage market? Maybe not.


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Le Bucce Riserva Rosso – Siemàn

After a year in oak barriques where wild/ native yeasts do their job, and maturation in the wood of three months with local Pinot Noir grapes, Le Bucce Riserva Rosso beer is ready to drink. And love. Drink with me this IGA by Siemàn, Italian winery and brewery.

Siemàn is a word that in the local dialect (Venetian: sìe màn) means six hands: two hands for each brother in this family-run business in the Berici Hill… Not far from Venice if you have never been to Italy 🙂

Daniele, Marco and Andrea run the company: the vineyard, the cellar and the brewery. On the beer labels, those guys appear pretty busy in their job: well-done guys! Le Bucce (bucce: tr. lees) Riserva Rosso is a marvellous Italian IGA.

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BeerBera (2017) – LoverBeer

Ok, I stand in awe in front of one of the Italian masterpiece. LoverBeer is one of the most renowned and praised Italian breweries. And this is my first time. Read my humble beer tasting of this Italian Grape Ale, spontaneously fermented with the natural yeast of the grape.

BEER: BeerBera (Vintage 2017)

Brewery: LoverBeer

Location: Marentino (Turin)

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Biga- Mezzopasso

Meet the first Organic Italian Grape Ale! BIGA (B is for bio, En: organic; IGA is for Italian Grape Ale) is brewed in collaboration with Cantina Orsogna 1964 and Mezzopasso brewery, that gave Malvasia (indigenous variety of Abruzzo region) must. Enter and read more about this classy Italian Grape Ale.


BEER:  Biga

Brewery: Mezzopasso

Location: Popoli

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Grape Soup- CRAK

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Superman! Now sounds like “it is an IGA! It is an IPA! It is a Grape Soup”. Read more about this pretty strange kind of Italian Grape Ale/ IPA.


The missing link between India Pale Ale and Italian Grape Ale. Discover a reinterpretation of the iconic Italian beer style. Brewed in collaboration with Garage Beer.

BEER: Grape Soup

Brewery: CRAK Brewery

Location: Campodarsego (Padua)

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Û Baccabianca- Cà del Brado

The first Italian Grape Ale in the Italian Craft Beer blog. Û (U-uva, the vocal Û means grape in the local dialect) Baccabianca is one of the two IGA of Cà del Brado. This special Italian beer is more than special, it is a roller coaster: acidity, fruity freshness and sharp bitterness.


BEER: Û Baccabianca

Brewery: Cà del Brado

Location: Bologna

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Vinitaly: the perfect place to drink a good glass of Italian beer.

Vinitaly is the most ancient and the most important wine exhibition in Italy. But you probably don’t know that exist an area dedicated to the Italian craft beers (and beers), that year after year is enlarging, and attaching an increasing number of passionate and gourmand.


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