Flebo- La Casa di Cura

I’m in love with this Italian Brown Ale: it’s so smooth and nutty, a perfect comfort food, or a cure for the winter melancholy. Enter and discover more about Flebo!

Credit: Cantina della Birra

BEER: Flebo

Brewery: La Casa di Cura

Location: Crognaleto (Teramo)

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Isabella- Flea

Meet Princess Isabella, daughter of John, King of England (arch- enemy of Mr. Loxley 😀 ).


BEER: Isabella

Brewery: Birra Flea

Location: Gualdo Tadino (Perugia)

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New Zaeland- Crak

“GLUTEN FREE beer hoppy with plenty of New Zealand hops Motueka and Wakatu. It releases all its tropical and citric aroma with the typical “sweetness” of New Zealand hops that, in your mouth, give it a feeling of softness hiding the important alcohol content”.


BEER: New Zealand

Brewery: CRAK

Location: Campodarsego (Padua)

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