Teen Spirt- Retorto

Cool, crisp, thoughtless. This Italian craft beer has the key of the youth.

teen spirit.jpg

BEER: Teen Spirt

Brewery: Retorto

Location: Podenzano (PC)
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4Punto7- Opperbacco


“This is a beer you will never tire of. Golden brown in colour, it is distinguished by the use of malt extract from Munich in Germany and aromatic hops from America and Europe. Their use is intended to enhance the aroma and keep any bitterness to a minimum. It is very palatable and when you taste it, it gives off subtle nuances that remain in your mouth for several minutes. It is suitable for any occasion. It is a beer which, like the Blues, excites you with a few.” 


BEER: 4Punto7

Brewery: Opperbacco

Location: Notaresco (TE)

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