Do they like superkarralistischer hopfen? – CRAK

Limited edition inspired by GUESS WHO? the game. Brewed by Crak and other two famous microbreweries (located in Norway and New Hampshire), Do they like superkarralistischer hopfen? is a crisp Pilsner… And you already knew that I fell in love with this Italian Craft Beer cause it is a German Pilsner!

BEER: Do they like superkarralistischer hopfen?

Brewery: CRAK + Sleeping Village + Deciduous

Location: Campodarsego (Padua)

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Boia- Mister B

A boia (tr. hangman) usually cuts the heads. This one cut the thirst, thanks to its great bitterness and its hoppy profile. Enter and read more about Boia by Mister B, an Italian Craft Pilsner.

BEER: Boia

Brewery: Mister B

Location: San Giorgio di Mantova (Mantova)

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The Original (Limited Edition)- Emod Brewery

The Original- Limited Edition is a one-shot Lager, based on the classic recipe of Original beer, but brewed with Amarillo and Chinook hops. Discover the hoppy side of the Italian Lager beer, enter and read more!


BEER: The Original Limited Edition

Brewery: Emod (Beerfirm)


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