Glaciale- Birra dell’Eremo

Thinking about our poor Arctic (please, use less plastic and try to live in sustainable way…)  and drinking this formidable Double/ Imperial IPA made in Italy.


BEER: Glaciale

Brewery: Birra dell’Eremo

Location: Assisi (PG)
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Reale – Birra del Borgo

The first beer made by this renowned brewery. The name is letter trick: Reale in Italian means “royal”. Besides, using the capital letter “A”, you divide the word in two “Re” and “Ale”. Ale =…yeah: ale ; while “Re” is the diminutive of “Rethinking”: the current of thought that drives Birra del Borgo brewery.



Brewery: Birra del Borgo

Location: Borgorose (RI)

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