Mango Split- Ritual Lab

And I think about summer and Wham and their Club Tropicana (… troPECTIN… Ok sorry for the pun :). Read more about Ritual Lab’s mango IPA brewed in collaboration with Eastside Brewing Company.

BEER: Mango Split

Brewery: Ritual Lab

Location: Formello (Rome)

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Mango & Vanilla Milkshake IPA- Lambrate

The time is ripe for the Italian Milkshake IPA! I choose to taste one of the first milkshake IPA brewed in Italy: Mango & Vanilla Milkshake IPA by Lambrate brewery. Guess who falls in love with this beer style?

BEER: Mango & Vanilla Milkshake IPA

Brewery: Lambrate

Location: Milan

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