Imperial Ghisa- Birrificio Lambrate

A rude man on the label. His fists announced that this Italian craft beer will hit you.

Ghisa is a colourful expression used at the beginning of the 19th century by the locals of Milan, to identify the policemen. They wore a peculiar hat, that looks like a steel tube (ghisa: En. cast iron).


BEER: Imperial Ghisa

Brewery: Lambrate

Location: Milan

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Marron- La Petrognola

Marron, is not just brown, it means chestnut  (a kind of chestnut) in the Italian language. Light brown is also the colour of this speciality beer where smoked malt characterizes the aromatic bouquet, enriched by the fruity and nutty taste of Italian chestnut added in the mash tun.


BEER: Marron

Brewery: La Petrognola

Location: Piazza al Serchio (Lucca)

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