Tripel- Bruno Ribadi

Time to warm up: fog and cold outside, fireplace and roasted chestnuts inside. Time to open a strong Italian craft beer by Bruno Ribadi brewery…


BEER: Tripel

Brewery: Bruno Ribadi

Location: Cinisi (Palermo)

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Biga- Mezzopasso

Meet the first Organic Italian Grape Ale! BIGA (B is for bio, En: organic) is brewed in collaboration with Cantina Orsogna 1964 and Mezzopasso brewery, that gave Malvasia (indigenous variety of Abruzzo region) must. Enter and read more about this classy Italian Grape Ale.


BEER:  Biga

Brewery: Mezzopasso

Location: Popoli

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Arrogant Sour Festival- the sour side of Italy


My first time at Arrogant Sour Festival, the 5th edition. In a marvellous location, a lively participation, an impressive and devoted selection of Gose, Fruit Beer, Barrel aged, Italian Grape Ale… combined with the best local food. If you are going to visit Italy at the end of May/ beginning of June, you must stop in Reggio Emilia.

Enter and enjoy the best Sour beer festival in Italy.

Andrea Camaschella (beer teller, writer and beer judge) and Jean Van Roy (Brasserie Cantillon)

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Vinitaly: the perfect place to drink a good glass of Italian beer.

Vinitaly is the most ancient and the most important wine exhibition in Italy. But you probably don’t know that exist an area dedicated to the Italian craft beers (and beers), that year after year is enlarging, and attaching an increasing number of passionate and gourmand.


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Marron- La Petrognola

Marron, is not just brown, it means chestnut  (a kind of chestnut) in the Italian language. Light brown is also the colour of this speciality beer where smoked malt characterizes the aromatic bouquet, enriched by the fruity and nutty taste of Italian chestnut added in the mash tun.


BEER: Marron

Brewery: La Petrognola

Location: Piazza al Serchio (Lucca)

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