Grateful Deaf!- Birrificio Lambrate

Spice up your life with an Italian Black Chili Rye IPA. Read about this collaboration beer bt Birrificio Lambrate!


BEER: Grateful Deaf!

Brewery: Birrificio Lambrate in collaboration with Ken Fisher (Portland)

Location: Milano

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Bianca- Mr. Sez

Time to enjoy a delicate and flowery Italian Craft Beer, spring is almost here with Bianca by Mr. Sez brewery.

BEER: Bianca

Brewery: Mr. Sez

Loc.: Campea di Miane (Treviso)

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10 of the best (Italian) Christmas craft beers

All I want for Christmas is you, delicious Italian Craft Beer!

Click and read about 10 awesome Italian Christmas beer, for a very Hoppy Christmas!

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Abbazia della Tre Fontane- Tripel

First time for the Italian Trappist beer!

Also the first (and only) flavoured Trappist beer. Abbey Tre Fontane is located in Rome and is well famous for its liquor created with eucalyptus. And the eucalyptus is the special ingredient of this great Tripel.


BEER: Tripel

Brewery: Abbazia delle Tre Fontane

Location: Rome

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Sicilian Pale Ale- Bruno Ribadi

From Sicily with love… And with citrus peel (lemon and orange), sumac berries (Rhus coriaria) and pink pepper.

This Italian Pale Ale is something really unique: the brewer loves Sicily, its food and its art. That’s why you will find Sicily in every single bottle of Bruno Ribaldi. Enter, and celebrate the most colourful Italian region: here you are a sip of liquid Sicily!


BEER: Sicilian Pale Ale

Brewery: Bruno Ribadi

Location: Cinisi (Palermo)

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Marron- La Petrognola

Marron, is not just brown, it means chestnut  (a kind of chestnut) in the Italian language. Light brown is also the colour of this speciality beer where smoked malt characterizes the aromatic bouquet, enriched by the fruity and nutty taste of Italian chestnut added in the mash tun.


BEER: Marron

Brewery: La Petrognola

Location: Piazza al Serchio (Lucca)

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