Italian breweries map- all the craft breweries in Italy in a map

Are you planning an Italian craft- beer tour? Do you want to visit all the Italian breweries? Do you want to meet the Italian brewers and to drink Italian craft beers? Are you a craft beer lover, now travelling across Italy,  keen to visit a brewery near of you?

So, you are in the right place. Enter and see the (… quite:) complete map of the Italian craft breweries!

Photo by delfi de la Rua


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Drink craft beer in Genoa

Business or vacation? No matter the season or the reason, Genova (Genoa) will surprise you, my craft beer friends… And not only for the good craft beers you’ll be able to taste!

Enter and discover where to drink Italian craft beers in Genoa.

drink in italy the italian craft beer.jpg
credits: Francesca Traverso

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Drink craft beer in Bologna

Call it rightly: B O L O G N A.

And BOLOGNESE. BO- LO- GNE’- SE. Not Bolog-naise, or Bolgese or Bollongese. Please.

Bologna deserves respect and love, not only for the beloved ragù (RAGU’, ragout is French), but also for the multitude of nice bars that offer craft beers! Enter and discover the craft beer- side of Bologna.

drink in italy the italian craft beer.jpg
credit: Unsplash

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Drink craft beer in Salerno

This beautiful city is a place that you must pin on your map. Crystal clear blue sea, the Archaeological site of the Etruscans and Samnites in Fratte, glorious churches, monuments, traditional food, spectacular sights. And a noticeable amount of pubs and places to enjoy a glass of good craft beer!

Enter and discover the craft side of Salerno!

drink in italy the italian craft beer salerno
Salerno, (credits)

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Drink craft beer in Florence

I love this city. Florence has something magic: delicate light, romantic views, unbelievable, beautiful details in every single corner. And a lot of nice places to enjoy a glass of craft beer and a work of art. Enter and plan your trip to Florence museums and best pubs.

drink in italy the italian craft beer in florence.jpg
Photo by Mark Tegethoff

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Drink craft beer in Venice

After ” na ombra“, or rather a glass of wine and some tasty fried fish, a long walk through Venetian calli, a visit to Palazzo Ducale, a photo in Piazza San Marco, and (again) some tasty spuncetti (mini quiches), maybe prepared with a slice of grilled polenta and creamy salt cod, you definely need a fresh glass of craft beer!

Enter and discover the best places in Venice for the craft beer lovers!

drink in italy the italian craft beer venice.jpg
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash






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Arrogant Sour Festival- the sour side of Italy


My first time at Arrogant Sour Festival, the 5th edition. In a marvellous location, a lively partecipation, an impressive  and devoted selection of Gose, Fruit Beer, Barrel aged, Italian Grape Ale… combined with the best local food. If you are going to visit Italy at the end of May/ beginning of June, you must stop in Reggio Emilia.

Enter and enjoy the best Sour beer festival in Italy.

Andrea Camaschella (beer teller, writer and beer judge) and Jean Van Roy (Brasserie Cantillon)

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Drink craft beer in Rome

Rome is the most beautiful city in the world. Imagine the Colosseum, the Vatican Museum and Castel Sant’ Angelo, Vatican City, Capitoline Museums, bucatini all’ Amatriciana, artichoke alla Romana, coda alla vaccinara, puntarelle, trippa alla romana, … And craft beer.

Enter and discover Rome- craftbeer- map!

Photo by Christian Nordmark on Unsplash

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