Italian breweries map- all the craft breweries in Italy in a map

Are you planning an Italian craft- beer tour? Do you want to visit all the Italian breweries? Do you want to meet the Italian brewers and to drink Italian craft beers? Are you a craft beer lover, now travelling across Italy,  keen to visit a brewery near you?

So, you are in the right place. Enter and see the (quite A bocca aperta)  complete map of the Italian craft breweries!



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Drink craft beer in Venice

Enter and discover the best places in Venice for the craft beer lovers! After ” na ombra“, or rather a glass of wine and some tasty fried fish, a long walk through Venetian calli, a visit to Palazzo Ducale, a photo in Piazza San Marco, and (again) some tasty spuncetti (mini quiches), prepared with a slice of grilled polenta and creamy salt cod, you definitely need a fresh glass of craft beer! 

drink in italy the italian craft beer venice.jpg
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash






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