Drink craft beer in Lecce

Are you in the most beautiful city in Puglia? Are you looking for a good craft beer in the enchanting Lecce city centre? Enter and see the map of the best pub, bar, restaurants and beer shops who serve craft beers!

drink in italy the italian craft beer lecce.png

You have a lot of spots to hit, and a lot of things to do in Lecce, nicknamed “The Florence of the South”. Churches, Palazzo Sedile, Torre del Palco, the Triumphal Arch, the city’s obelisk and the marvellous Palazzo dei Celestini. After a long walk you need to have a break and eat something, and get your strength: Rustico Leccese (puff pastry with bechamel and tomatoes), Frisa (a sort of bruschetta), Pizzo Leccese (bread roll stuffed with tomato, black olives, onion and chilli) and a dish of Orecchiette served with turnip top greens. Do not forget something sweet after this snack: Pasticciotto is a must: a tasty pastry filled with ricotta or custard. And now you can have a tour of the best place for a craft beer!

Have a nice stay in Lecce, and enjoy its best craft beers! Cheers!

Ps. Any recommendation? Help me to extend the list: write a comment below!!!

Journey in Italy? Click here and discover in the Italian beer map: all the places to enjoy the best craft beers!

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