Natural Sour – Ecelinum Cantina Brassicola

Here I am with a stupendous gift by Fabio (Cantina Brassicola Digitale): Natural Sour. This sour beer is a blend of one+two+three years old wild ales, fermented (yeast and bacteria) in oak barrels of different sizes. Read more about this special beer brewed by Ecelinum Cantina Brassicola, Italian micro beer cellar located in a small village in the North East of Italy.

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La Birra Senza Nome – CRAK

La Birra Senza Nome (nameless beer) is the newest limited edition by Crak Brewery. This beer will remember two pine trees cat a few weeks ago. “On the night of June 29th 2019, the famous pines along the A4 motorway between Padua and Venice. (…) For the most frequent visitors of the A4 highway, those pines, for more than 60 years, have been the signal of arrival in Padua. In memory of their disappearance, we created the beer with no name, but with a strong symbol: the famous A4 Pines designed by Emmanuele Panzarini, a famous Paduan artist”. Read the bitter-sweet tasting of this DDH IPA.

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Basilica – Bachground

What happens when two friends, musicians and passionate about Classical music start to brew Italian Beers? They start to brew art! Enter and read a little more about Bachground (no, not Background. BACHground) project and this astonishing Italian Blanche beer Basilica!

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10 Italian brewers that you must follow on Instagram

If you want to stalk someone, stalk someone interesting. Enter and discover 10 of the best Italian Craft Brewers on Instagram that you should follow.

(Sorry for this US-WEEKLY-inspired article… I hope it doesn’t become the most popular humble-article of 2019)

credit: Kat Maryschuk

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Drink craft beer in Trieste

The Italian land of wind. Trieste is such a nice city to visit: choose it for a romantic weekend, or detoxing period in nature. Or choose Trieste for its great places for a pint of craft beer! Enter and discover the best pubs in Trieste!

Credit: Frogfra

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Le Bucce Riserva Rosso – Siemàn

After a year in oak barriques where wild/ native yeasts do their job, and maturation in the wood of three months with local Pinot Noir grapes, Le Bucce Riserva Rosso beer is ready to drink. And love. Drink with me this IGA by Siemàn, Italian winery and brewery.

Siemàn is a word that in the local dialect (Venetian: sìe màn) means six hands: two hands for each brother in this family-run business in the Berici Hill… Not far from Venice if you have never been to Italy 🙂

Daniele, Marco and Andrea run the company: the vineyard, the cellar and the brewery. On the beer labels, those guys appear pretty busy in their job: well-done guys! Le Bucce (bucce: tr. lees) Riserva Rosso is a marvellous Italian IGA.

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