Beer Calendar- craft beer events in Italy: May

May the beer be with you. Ready for one of the most vital and clarion craft beer month in Italy? Enter and read about the best craft beer festivals in Italy in May 2019!


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Vècc- Podere La Berta

Vècc is a local therm use for an elder man. And I am in love with this graphic that celebrates a rustic old man wearing its hat, telling you in a paternalistic way “You’d best suited for farm work”.

BEER: Vècc

Brewery: Podere La Berta- PLB

Location: Castelnuovo Berardenga (Siena)

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Doppio malto: What does it mean?

What is a DOPPIO MALTO BEER?! If you have purchased an Italian Craft Beer, and carefully read the back label, you probably read a quite strange therm: DOPPIO MALTO. What does “doppio malto” mean? Enter and read the definition.

credit: monica di loxley

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