The Magic Tram- Lambrate

This Italian New England IPA takes its nostalgic name from the city tram number 23. A vintage name, for a super modern  Italian craft beer made in collaboration with Beavertown brewery… That’s why that label looks so familiar to you.


BEER: The Magic Tram

Brewery: Lambrate

Location: Milano

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The Original (Limited Edition)- Emod Brewery

The Original- Limited Edition is a one shot Lager, based on the classic recipe of Original beer, but brewed with Amarillo and Chinook hops . Discover the hoppy side of the Italian Lager beer, enter and read more!


BEER: The Original Limited Edition

Brewery: Emod (Beerfirm)


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Independent Craft (Italian) Brewery. Italy has now its indie seal

Unionbirrai creates the seal to identify the Italian Craft and Independent Breweries.

Italy has now its indie seal. Read more!


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Grape Soup- CRAK

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Superman! Now sounds like “it is an IGA! It is an IPA! It is a Grape Soup”.


The missing link between India Pale Ale and Italian Grape Ale. Discover a reinterpretation of the iconic Italian beer style. Brewed in collaboration with Garage Beer.

BEER: Grape Soup

Brewery: CRAK Brewery

Location: Campodarsego (Padua)

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Galaxie Chardonnay Barrel- BrewFist

Forget the classic Saison. Meet a limited edition Saison, brewed by Brewfist brewery: a crazy limited edition beer that spent part of its life in Chardonnay wine barrels. Enter and discover Galaxie Chardonnay Barrel.


BEER: Galaxie Chardonnay Barrel

Brewery: Brewfist

Location: Codogno (LO)

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Italian breweries map- all the craft breweries in Italy in a map

Are you planning an Italian craft- beer tour? Do you want to visit all the Italian breweries? Do you want to meet the Italian brewers and to drink Italian craft beers? Are you a craft beer lover, now travelling across Italy,  keen to visit a brewery near of you?

So, you are in the right place. Enter and see the (… quite:) complete map of the Italian craft breweries!

Photo by delfi de la Rua


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Drink craft beer in Genoa

Business or vacation? No matter the season or the reason, Genova (Genoa) will surprise you, my craft beer friends… And not only for the good craft beers you’ll be able to taste!

Enter and discover where to drink Italian craft beers in Genoa.

drink in italy the italian craft beer.jpg
credits: Francesca Traverso

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