Italian breweries map- all the craft breweries in Italy in a map

Are you planning an Italian craft-beer tour? Do you want to visit all the Italian breweries? Do you want to meet the Italian brewers and to drink Italian craft beers? You are in the right place!

Enter and take a look at the map of the Italian craft breweries!  Quite complete 🙂 updated in November 2019. 



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European Beer Star 2019: the winning Italian craft beers

Time to celebrate the best Italian craft beers: from Italy to BrauBeviale in Nuremberg! Enter and discover the Italian craft beers winners of the coveted prizes of the most important and prestigious beer contest in Europe: the European Beer Star 2019.


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What is IGA beer? (spoiler: Italian Grape Ale)

Are you looking for info about this extraordinary beer style? You are in the right place! Here details, BJCP definition, recipe and more about Italian Grape Ale.

Talking about Italian Craft Beer means that we must talk about something that will make you melt. Something that connects the traditional Italian beverage with the one that this blog talks about: the Italian Grape Ale. Is there anything more interesting for the people involved in the Italian beverage market? Maybe not.


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Doppio malto: What does it mean?

What is a DOPPIO MALTO BEER?! If you have purchased an Italian Craft Beer, and carefully read the back label, you probably have read a quite strange therm: DOPPIO MALTO. What does “doppio malto” mean? Enter and read the definition.

credit: monica di loxley

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BeerAttraction 2019 best Italian breweries and beers: all the gold medal winners

This year more than 32K visitors (+40% 2018), 600 breweries, distributors, raw materials and tec suppliers… This confirms that Beer Attraction is one of the most popular Italian beer and craft beer fair.

The Italian brewers can enrol their best craft beers in Birra dell’Anno pageant (Beer of the Year) that will be judged by Unionbirrai beer tasters during the exhibition, and only the best will be rewarded with medals (first, second, third place and, if necessary, a mention of honour). During the event takes place another important ceremony: “Brewery of the Year” that awards the best Italian craft brewery. Enter and discover all the winners!

Credit: Unionbirrai

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Independent Craft (Italian) Brewery. Italy has now its indie seal

Unionbirrai creates the seal to identify the Italian Craft and Independent Breweries.

Italy has now its indie seal. Read more!


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Drink craft beer in Bologna

Call it rightly: B O L O G N A.

And BOLOGNESE. BO- LO- GNE’- SE. Not Bolog-naise, or Bolgese or Bollongese. Please.

Bologna deserves respect and love, not only for the beloved ragù (RAGU’, ragout is French) but also for the multitude of nice bars that offer craft beers! Enter and discover the craft beer- side of Bologna.

drink in italy the italian craft beer.jpg
credit: Unsplash

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