Drink craft beer in Florence

I love this city. Florence has something magic: delicate light, romantic views, unbelievable, beautiful details in every single corner. And a lot of nice places to enjoy a glass of craft beer and a work of art. Enter and plan your trip to Florence museums and best pubs.

drink in italy the italian craft beer in florence.jpg
Photo by Mark Tegethoff

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Drink craft beer in Venice

After ” na ombra“, or rather a glass of wine and some tasty fried fish, a long walk through Venetian calli, a visit to Palazzo Ducale, a photo in Piazza San Marco, and (again) some tasty spuncetti (mini quiches), maybe prepared with a slice of grilled polenta and creamy salt cod, you definely need a fresh glass of craft beer!

Enter and discover the best places in Venice for the craft beer lovers!

drink in italy the italian craft beer venice.jpg
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash






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Vinitaly: the perfect place to drink a good glass of Italian beer.

Vinitaly is the most ancient and the most important wine exhibition in Italy . But you probably don’t know that exist an area dedicated to the Italian craft beers (and beers), that year after year is enlarging, and attraching an increasing number of passionate and gourmand.


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What is an Italian craft beer?

Italy is one of the countries richest in craft foods. This is thanks to a wide culinary and food culture differing from region to region. It is also well known for its craft beverage, including beer.

But what does Italian craft beer really mean?


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What is IGA beer? (spoiler: Italian Grape Ale)

iga photomonica

Talking about Italian beer means that we must talk about something that will make you melt. Something that connects the traditional Italian beverage with the one that this blog talks about: the Italian Grape Ale. Is there anything more interesting for the people involved in the Italian beverage market? Maybe not.

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