Porpora- Birrificio Lambrate

Porpora means crimson, similar to the fascinating, beautiful color of this Hoppy Doppel Bock. Another great Italian craft beer from Lambrate.


BEER: Porpora

Brewery: Birrificio Lambrate

Location: Milan

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Vinitaly: the perfect place to drink a good glass of Italian beer.

Vinitaly is the most ancient and the most important wine exhibition in Italy . But you probably don’t know that exist an area dedicated to the Italian craft beers (and beers), that year after year is enlarging, and attraching an increasing number of passionate and gourmand.


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Nigredo- Birrificio Italiano

 Nigredo is the “black phase” of the alchemic and mystic process of brewing: the germination and the maltation. “Alchemy (and brewing too) was not only chemistry, but also and above all a spiritual search. So the Nigredo is the process in which we move towards the discovery of self-knowledge.” Agostino Arioli, the brewer.


BEER: Nigredo

Brewery: Birrificio Italiano

Location: Lugaro Marinone (Como)

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