10 Italian brewers that you must follow on Instagram

If you want to stalk someone, stalk someone interesting. Enter and discover 10 of the best Italian Craft Brewers on Instagram that you should follow.

(Sorry for this US-WEEKLY-inspired article… I hope it doesn’t become the most popular humble-article of 2019)

credit: Kat Maryschuk

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Mango Split- Ritual Lab

And I think about summer and Wham and their Club Tropicana (… troPECTIN… Ok sorry for the pun :). Read more about Ritual Lab’s mango IPA brewed in collaboration with Eastside Brewing Company.

BEER: Mango Split

Brewery: Ritual Lab

Location: Formello (Rome)

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Sleepless Night- Eastside Brewing

I am 33 years old, and my last sleepless night was last night. Nah, not for that, for neck pains. So, I want to disregard my old age and taste the sweetest taste of a Sleepless Night, a robust Imperial Ported brewed by Eastside.

BEER: Sleepless Night

Brewery: Eastside

Location: Latina

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