La Birra Senza Nome – CRAK

La Birra Senza Nome (nameless beer) is the newest limited edition by Crak Brewery. This beer will remember two pine trees cat a few weeks ago. “On the night of June 29th 2019, the famous pines along the A4 motorway between Padua and Venice. (…) For the most frequent visitors of the A4 highway, those pines, for more than 60 years, have been the signal of arrival in Padua. In memory of their disappearance, we created the beer with no name, but with a strong symbol: the famous A4 Pines designed by Emmanuele Panzarini, a famous Paduan artist”. Read the bitter-sweet tasting of this DDH IPA.

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Do they like New Zealand hops? – CRAK

Here I am with the first beer of the trilogy inspired by the well famous board game GUESS WHO? The first beer is a DDH IPA made in collaboration with two breweries, come in Italy for the Woodscrak2019. Discover more about Do they like New Zealand hops?

BEER: Do they like New Zealand Hops?

Brewery: Crak brewery + Civil Society Brewing (FL) + Collective Arts Brewing (ON)

Location: Campodarsego (Padua)

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Mango Split- Ritual Lab

And I think about summer and Wham and their Club Tropicana (… troPECTIN… Ok sorry for the pun :). Read more about Ritual Lab’s mango IPA brewed in collaboration with Eastside Brewing Company.

BEER: Mango Split

Brewery: Ritual Lab

Location: Formello (Rome)

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Giant Guerrilla- CRAK

“Experimental batch, Guerrilla and Giant Step joined forces in a DDH DIPA (8.5% vol.) exceptionally hoppy, fragrant and creamy without any rough edge.” So, drink with me this amazing Italian Double IPA.

BEER: Giant Guerrilla

Brewery: Crak

Location: Campodarsego (Padua)

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Grape Soup- CRAK

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Superman! Now sounds like “it is an IGA! It is an IPA! It is a Grape Soup”. Read more about this pretty strange kind of Italian Grape Ale/ IPA.


The missing link between India Pale Ale and Italian Grape Ale. Discover a reinterpretation of the iconic Italian beer style. Brewed in collaboration with Garage Beer.

BEER: Grape Soup

Brewery: CRAK Brewery

Location: Campodarsego (Padua)

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